Light Sources

For applications such as transmission, absorption and reflection, illumination sources are needed. Avantes offers a wide range of different light sources, to suit your specific needs. An overview of the different options can be found on this page.

Light Sources Products

Get the best out of two worlds with the AvaLight-DHc. It has both a deuterium light source and a halogen light source, providing you with adequate light between 200 and 2500 nm for nearly all absorbance chemistry applications. Deuterium emits light between 200 and 550 nm, where the halogen takes over up to 2500 nm. Coupling to the rest of your spectroscopy system is easy with the SMA connector.

The Avalight-LED is a compact, low-cost light source meant for fluotescence measurements. we offer different sources covering wavelangth range of 355nm to 780nm. 

The AvaLight-DH-S is a powerful deuterium halogen source, but like any unbalanced deuterium halogen source it does have a very dominant alpha peak at 656 nm. This is why Avantes developed the DH-S-BAL, in which this peak is drastically reduced by a dichroic filter. This means less power, but an increase in the dynamic range of a factor 20.

From visible light to near infrared, that’s where the AvaLight-HAL-(S)-Mini works best. It’s a compact, stabilized halogen light source, with adjustable focusing of the fiber connection, maximizing output power at the desired wavelength. The light source also has adjustable output power to provide extra power or longer bulb life.

Providing up to 160 times more light on your sample for a reflection measurement relative to our standard reflectance integrating sphere, the AvaSphere-50-LS-HAL-12V is a valuable instrument for reflection applications. It is a combination of an integrating sphere and a halogen light source. The sphere provides diffused halogen light on your sample without the losses associated with fiber-optic coupling. It has a direct collimated SMA-port for collection of the reflection signal with any of our AvaSpec spectrometers

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There are demo setups available for most of the equipments that we provide. So, in case you are interested to test your ideas or preformance of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.