Absolute flexibility in the set-up of your spectrometer at affordable prices: that is the StarLine in a nutshell. Select the slit, grating and detector that fits your application best and the perfect spectrometer is made especially for you.

This instrument line offers an array of solutions for varied uses, while providing excellent price-to-performance ratios. The AvaSpec-ULS2048/2048L and AvaSpec-3648 are based on front illuminated linear CCD arrays and thanks to Avantes’ DUV coating can measure wavelengths from 200-1100 nm. The AvaSpec-FAST series of instruments is specially designed for high-speed acquisitions such as pulsed light source and laser measurements. The AvaSpec-128 is an ultrafast photo-diode array-based instrument for visible and near-infrared applications.

Instruments in the AvaSpec StarLine family are designed to perform in a variety of applications such as:

  • Reflection and transmission measurements for optics, coatings, color measurement
  • Irradiance and emission measurements for environmental, light characterization, and optical emission spectroscopy
  • High-speed measurements for process control, LIBS or laser/pulsed source characterization
  • Absorbance chemistry

Or discuss your wishes with our team of application sales engineers, to find the setup needed for your application. The possibilities are virtually endless!

Starline Products

AvaSpec-ULS2048CL-EVO offers you the latest CMOS technology ensuring a spectrometer platform for the coming years. It comes with a fast electronics AS-7010 and USB3. 

AvaSpec-ULS3648 is an ideal choice for high resolution spectroscopy featuring an electronic shutter, it can support integration times as short as 10 microseconds. nectors are available.

The AvaSpec-ULS2048L comes with large pixels 200 x 14um. It provides enhanced sensitivity and S/N at UV and NIR regions with an affordable price.

Communication with 10x higher speed compared to USB2, and a second communication port which offers Gigabit Ethernet for integration in your company network and possibility for long distance communication at an affordable price. 

Avantes now offers the possibility for end-users to easily replace a slit through the introduction of our replaceable-slit feature. The replaceable slit option is available on ULS Ultra-low Stray-light AvaSpecs and the NIR256-1.7 spectrometer as well as for the AvaSpec ULS2048LTEC and ULS3648TEC. 

For customers with urgent needs and general flexibility in their specifications, Avantes offers a variety of pre-configured spectrometers, which are ready to ship. 

Sometimes a single channel spectrometer is not enough, for example when you want higher resolution or to do two redundant measurements at the same time. The AvaSpec dual channel spectrometers are designed specifically for this purpose. Each spectrometer can be configured independently. It is also possible to have different detector types in each channel.

About us

Ara Scientific ApS is a leader supplier for THz cameras, THz sources, fiber optic spectrometers and their accessories. Being a customer oriented in terms of fast delivery, economic prices, precise and accurate technical quotation is our goal and determines our working strategies. 

There are demo setups available for most of the equipments that we provide. So, in case you are interested to test your ideas or preformance of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.