Alloyscan 1000 OES


OES Metal Analyzers are bench top spectrometers dedicated for metal analysis. The optical design is based on the multi-CCD technologies which features with high performance, robust construction, safe and friendly operation.

The unique design of the spark chamber and spectroscopic aquisition subsystems together with the software, allow the users to perform optimization routins such as auto spectrum correction, calibration.

Furthermore, the he spark system features with programmablilty and digital control through the softare. This will provide you a powerful tool to control the spectra capturing parameters such as power deposition, frequency and etc in a high accuracy and reliability.

Principle of operation:


The metal analyzers are based on the spark induced breakdown spectroscopy principle. Schematically, the operation is shown in Fig.1. Due to the high current plasma discharges, the sample is bombarded by fast enough ions and electrons which can evaporate a small fraction of the sample (substrate). The evaporated metal atoms and particls, will enter the plasma mediun. Due to the high temperature plasma and existance of energetic ions and electrons, the evaporated particles (atoms) will undergo excitation and ionization process. The excited metallic atoms, will release the excess energy by re-emission. The emission intensity is an excellent measure of the concentarion of the traces in the original sample. 




Detection of substrate

Fe,Al,Cu,Ni,Ti,Co,Zn,Sn,Mg,Pb etc

Testing time

According to the sample type, generally about 25s

Optical system

The Paschen Runge construction full vaccum type optics system

Wavelength coverage


Focal length



High-performance CCD Array


Tungsten material injection electrode

Analytical gap

The sample analysis of clearance: 3.4mm


temperature (10~35)?

Storage temperature

(0 - 45)˚C

Operating humidity


Argon purity requirements


Argon gas inlet pressure


Argon flow

Stimulate the flow around 3.5L/min,Maintain flow around 0.4L/min

Stimulate the maximum power


Type of Lamp-house

New digital adjustable light, high energy precombustion technology (HEPS)

Discharge frequency

100-1000 Hz

Discharge current

Maximum 400A

Excitation aperture


Vacuum system

The vacuum automatic control and monitoring software

Working power supply

220V AC, 50/60Hz, single phase power supply for protective grounding

Instrument size


Instrument weight









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