Electro-Vacuum Terahertz Sources

Electro-Vacuum Terahertz Sources

Generator type Standard frequency Custom frequency Frequency tunability Linewidth Peak power Oscillator weight
Terasource-3 100 GHz 80-120 GHz 10 GHz < 10 MHz 0.5-1 W 5 kg (18x18x18 cm)
Terasource-2 140 GHz 160-240 GHz 15 GHz < 15 MHz 0.5-0.75 W 8 kg (18x18x18 cm)
Terasource-1.5 200 GHz 240-360 GHz 20 GHz < 20 MHz 0.2-0.5 W 10 kg (18x18x18 cm)
Terasource-1 300 GHz 240-360 GHz 30 GHz > 30 MHz 0.05-0.1 W 13 kg (18x18x18 cm)

Electro-vacuum terahertz sources




Up to 1 W output power




80—360 GHz frequency range




Electronic frequency tunability






Continuous wave operation




Backward-wave oscillator technology




1 year warranty


Powerful terahertz sources

TeraSense has mastered technology to manufacture powerful electro-vacuum terahertz sources. The technology resides on a backward wave oscillator effect. An electron gun emits an electron beam that is longitudinally focused by an external magnetic field. The magnetic field is created by a permanent NdFeB magnet. The beam is interacting with a slow-wave structure. As a result, a traveling wave that moves backwards against the beam is generated. The wave is coupled to the output waveguide near the electron gun. By changing the acceleration voltage, the frequency of the device can be electronically tuned in a certain range. The electro-vacuum terahertz sources generate an immense output power. This property opens the doors for a number of long-awaited applications in terahertz frequency range.



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